Our fun week!

A great week! This week Jacob earned his Arrow of Light for Cub Scouts! This is kinda a big thing! It is the biggest award for Cub Scouts and the only one that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform!

Can't tell he is excited!
Jake pinning me
He worked hard to get this award! We are very proud of him!
 Grace at Cheer practice
 This Friday night our local High school did a big 9-11 tribute at the football game.
 They have a HUGE marching band and Eagle pride: flag twirlers, baton twirlers, & band. 
It is an impressive sight that the pictures don't do justice too. They are so good that they are one of 20 from across the US that has been invited to be in the 2012 Macy's Day parade in NY! (Some of the YW & YM from church are in it and are so excited!)
 The band lined up to welcome the football team!
 Niceville Eagles football team! I have not seen football anywhere like here! It is a MAJOR thing! 
The whole town comes to support them, not just students & parents!
 Half time show by the band & Eagle Pride
Here we are all dressed in our Niceville gear! 
Bekah & I in Niceville shirts, Grace is wearing one of Jake's old jersey's that he volunteered to let her wear! (Makes me happy to know he likes her enough to let it be know she is his sister!) And Jacob in this years jersey! (Bekah looks like she was crying cause she had just gotten hit in the face by Jake on accident!)

I love my kids! They are so stinkin' cute and good to boot! 

We ended the week today with Jake's football game! As we are in the middle of  a Tropical Storm, and it was raining all morning and off and on during the game, Grace didn't cheer. (Last season the girls all whined when they had to cheer in the rain, so this time they didn't, since it was suppose to get worse!)
Also due to the rain I didn't have a camera out at all, SO of course not only did we win, Jacob got his first touchdown running the ball through the middle!!! He did awesome!!! He also had some great blocks and other plays! We are so proud of him!!! GO EAGLES!!!

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