7 days, 10 states...

Yeah, we like to GO! 
I am going to start at the beginning, and be warned, a lot of it is uneventful, but such is life.

Day 1- We started last Saturday in Florida. We loaded up both the van and 4Runner, and headed to the kids last football game there. And it was a GOOD game!

 Jake made a great touchdown! His second of the season!
 Bekah being cute!
Gracie having fun cheering!

After the game, which we won! We said our goodbyes and hit the road! We made it to Jasper, AL, just past Birmingham that night. It had been a long, hot day! It was 95 degrees and about 98% humidity when we left. (We drove 8 hours.) My legs and feet were quite swollen by the time we stopped!

Day 2- We got up, ate and hit the road again! We went through Mississippi and Tennessee with no excitement. As soon as we enter Arkansas it started raining and continued through the rest of the state! And it was a hilly, curvy road to boot! It stopped raining hard once we where in Missouri, just continued to sprinkle off and on. We stopped in Kansas City, Missouri side for the night. (We drove 10 hours) I wore socks and tennis shoes to hopefully help with the swelling, it didn't really work! I looked like I had elephant legs! And it hurt so bad to walk!

Day 3- We got up and ate and decided to take a swim to get rid of some energy and relax a little before another long day on the road! It felt wonderful! Then we took off and drove through rolling hills, and a whole lot of nothingness that is Kansas! It seemed like as soon as we entered into Colorado there where pine trees an it started to feel more like home. The kids were are really excited to see Pike's Peak, the first mountain we had seen in a ling time. (We drove 8 hours.) We got to our hotel and stayed in for dinner and relaxed! I wore Dustin's big military socks that went to my knees to help with the swelling and it did help.

Day 4- We took our list of addresses for the houses we thought we would like and hit the town to check out the neighborhoods to see what was worth calling and seeing inside of. We then went to lunch and then saw the inside of a few of the houses. The first we liked, the second was nice outside and horrible inside, and the third was really nice. We decided that the first was to far away, it would be about a 45 minute commute on a good day. So we were leaning towards it, but I just was not feeling excited or really good about it. But it was our best bet, so I was trying to make it work in my head.

Day 5- We got up early and headed out to Idaho! We wanted to get here as early as we could. Wyoming was boring at first, but the last hour before we got to Idaho, and Idaho was beautiful! It was the mountains and trees we remembered! At one point the road we where driving on ran on the boarder of Wyoming and Idaho, so if you were in the left lane you were in Wyoming, if you were in the right lane you were in Idaho, so naturally Dustin had to show this by driving in one lane, then switching to the other and back saying, 'hey I am in Wyoming, now I am in Idaho, now I am in Wyoming!' It was funny. Thankfully there where no cars coming at us!

Day 6- We got to be here for Dustin's baby brother to get home for his mission! It was a fun day of family. We where all excited to see him after 2 years! The kids love him and really missed him. Although, Bekah didn't really remember him, she was only 2 when he left after all.

Day 7- We spent the day with the family. Went to town do some errands and had a big dinner with more family that came into town today. And I found another house we think we like even more, so we shall see what happens! Stay tuned!

I will post some pictures of our time  here in Idaho soon. I didn't take any while we were driving, I was to busy!

And that was our trip thus far! Our long drive and arrival! More to come soon. 

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