November Thanks!

Continuing with a month of thanks!
Nov. 8th - I am thankful for phones, and Internet! I keep to hear my guys voice, email, message him and know he is safe and healthy! Wasn't that easy long time ago!
Nov. 9th - Today I am thankful for this amazing boy! I am so blessed to have such a great son! He is so much help, a great brother and can make me smile and laugh like no one else, save his dad! I really lucked out with him!

Nov. 10th- Today I am thankful for sleep! Lizzie slept all night in her bed only waking up once!!! And she went to bed early so I got to soak in the tub and go to bed early!! Yea, I feel great this morning!
Nov. 11th- Today I am thankful for my house. It may only be for a little while, but for now it is our home. Having room to play, have company, and be a family is a special thing. I am thankful for a warm home on cold nights and days, I am thankful for carpet to vacuum, a kitchen to clean and a closet to organize!
A few other thoughts! And news!

Man to I love my kids! Everyone always wonders how I do it without Dustin with 4 kids, but I don't know how I would do it without my kids! Dustin and my kids are my world, I would be lost without them, and it I have to be apart from my love, then I need my kids to survive! Sometimes it makes me laugh when someone goes on and on about how hard it is with their spouse gone for a whole week, or even a month, how hard it is, how they haven't gotten anything done or got a good nights sleep, or are so stressed they want to go away for few nights when their spouse gets home. REALLY?!? LOL I know we are all made different and each have our own challenges, but I just want to tell them to buck up, they have no idea! I don't, I am nice and I offer encouragement and all that, but really, not what I want to say. (Sorry if you are readying this and are one of those people, don't mean to hurt feelings or offend.)
Okay, no more rant!
On a happier note, Lizzie Zoe is walking like crazy! She just keeps trying, she may fall, but up she gets and goes some more! I got a great video of her walking across the living room on my phone, but it was to long and my phone won't let me email it or anything! One day I will figure it out, but for now I took a shorted one to share, really short, just imagine her walking 3 times as far!
Not sure why it is sideways either! One day I will have this technology figured out, promise!
I am busy planning Lizzie's Birthday party next week!
And Bekah just looked out the window and it is SNOWING!!! About time!
And that is all! Until next time!!!

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