Thankful to my Hero

A fellow EOD tech and friend of my wonderful husbands, dies 2 days ago in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. This was his second deployment in the last 2 years. He deployed with Dustin in 2008, during which his youngest child was born. Yes, he left a young family, 3 children under 5 the youngest under 2. He was a good solider and EOD tech.

We hear about these soldiers being killed all the time, but to have a friend, a solider doing the exact same as Dustin, he worked with Dustin on their last deployment, to have him killed by an IED (hand made bomb), it hits a little to close to home.

I am so thankful to all the soldiers who give their time, their lives, for us to live the way we do. I am thankful to the wives who love and support them, who take care of everything at home so they can focus on staying alive and saving others. I am thankful to the children, who miss time with their dads & moms, who cheer them from afar, who love them, understanding they are loved in return, from afar. I am thankful to the parents who support their soldiers, and their families, knowing they may lose that child to war, a war that not everyone supports. I am thankful to MY HUSBAND, who is an amazing solider. He works round the clock a lot of the time, to serve our country, a country of people who don't all support him and his comrades. I am thankful to him for the love and support he gives me and our children, from home or afar. He is an amazing father and husband. HE IS MY HERO. He and other soldiers go overseas to places where they are not wanted, to help people who can't show how thankful they are, to save the lives of unnumbered people, so that we, in America can live the way we want to live.

THANK YOU to all our HERO'S. You and your families will forever be in our prayers.

This is the EOD Memorial wall for the fallen Army EOD tech's,
his friend will soon join others we have known on this wall.


Torrie said...

This makes me cry, thank you to Dustin for his service and all the others. I'm thankful for all those who sacrifice so that I can live the way I do.

Amy said...

I'm crying after reading that, so all I can say is amen. And to add my thanks to yours.