Kicking of the Season!

We had our kink of the season scrimmage! The boys did good and played hard, even in the rain!
Waiting for their game to start!
Gracie waiting to cheer! She gets to cheer for Jacob's team, so it is more fun!
Waiting to be called in

Jake watching his team

Our little cheerleader cheering away!

You can't really tell, but I promise Jake is out there! He is on the left, the 4th boy in, or first on the line from the left.

Go Eagles!

It is going to be a great season! Jacob is liking his team and coaches! Gracie is loving cheer! (Her 2 best friends here are on her team!)
So we are never home! Football practice 4 nights, games on Saturday; Cheer 2 of those nights, with the same game on Sat. Our one day off each week, is our Cub Scouts night! Fun, busy times!

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