Not so fun weekend!

So we have had a very, well, sucky weekend! Saturday started out nice and quite, read, played a computer game, watched TV. Very nice and boring. As I went to lay down for a short nap, I really was thinking how boring we have become! I will NEVER think that again!!! I was woken up by my son saying Dustin had cut his leg. So since I was awake Dustin decided to tell me he had chopped his leg! He was doing yard work clearing a vine off of one of our trees, with his Machete! He has a really nice machete that a guy in Vietnam  hand made for him when he was over there working, it is a really good one. So, he has a 2 inch cut on his leg, not so bad, but it was deep and wouldn't stop bleeding. Apparently he had cut it, then got it to stop bleeding so he but some stuff on it, duck tapped it, and went back to work. After about 10 minutes his shoe was slushy! So he jumps in the shower to clean off while I get everyone ready to go to a friends so we didn't have to take them all to the ER with us. While in the shower it started to squirt, yes, squirt blood! So he duck tapes it up again with some paper towels, and we take the kids to my friends and head on base to the ER. We got right in, only like the third time that has ever happened. (Neither of the other times were fun either!) A doc looks at it, removes the tape and determines it is still really bleeding, it needs to slow down, so they put a compress on it and we wait. After 15 minutes they decide to x-ray it, just to be sure. It read nothing. And they still can't get it to stop bleeding. They decide he does need stitches, which we already new. And start getting everything ready. And again we wait. (OH and while Dustin was getting x-rayed I sat and waited, where I happened to be able to hear the Doc's and ER people talking about the last EOD guy they got... It takes a special, crazy kind of guy to be EOD, one who, because he is so crazy and macho, will end up in the ER several times in his live, having nothing to do with bombs.) Anyway, after sever people ask how he did it, cut his leg that is, he was very tried of being there, many people came and went and then the EMT's came and took care of him. They were very nice and good, but I wondered why they were the ones to stitch him up and all the Doc did was pop in a few times and say 'Cool'. Not comforting. We happen to know several of the Doc's who are on shifts in that ER, like 5, and none of them where working! Oh how I wished they were! So they decide he needs a few stitches inside to hopefully make the bleeding stop, since he did cut a small blood vessel, nothing major or needed. So they put a blood pressure cup on his calf to stop the bleeding so they could see. (He cut his leg just above his inside ankle) They dig around and poke and look and finally they start to stitch him up, on the inside he got 3. Then they did 6 on the outside to close his leg. They were very worried that they didn't get it to stop bleeding. Not comforting. Anyway, they send us home with crutches and directions for him to stay off his leg for a few days. (Yeah right, have they met my husband! He is not a good patient, he has no patience with injuries.) So his leg is fine. A little sore, but that is it.
THEN, I go take him home and go get the kids. Grace had had a headache all day, tends to happen when she is told she has to clean her room and then she cries for several hours cause it is to hard. (We have already taken ALL toys out of her room, so there is nothing but clothes and blankets in there to mess it up!) So we get home and she is crying because her head hurts, then she throws up! Not so fun!
THEN, I wake up Sunday with a major headache and so does Grace. So no one fells good except Bekah, and Jake who keeps getting bloody noses for no reason! On through Sunday we go, relaxing and watching movies.
THEN Dustin starts to get a rash, like hives on his neck, which by evening has spread to his face and throat. He is puffy, and itchy, and miserable! He did not sleep good at all last night and is worse this morning! But his leg feels better!

NEVER, EVER, AGAIN will I think our live is BORING!!! NEVER!!!

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Danielle said...

Oh my heavens. That is a whole lot to happen in such a short time. Hopefully life will not be so exciting for a little bit!!! Hope everyone feels better.