In Love!!!

Just finished this project after over a year of planning and wishing! 
I got this old window, with a few pains missing for free from a friend before we moved! I LOVE the old thing. After convincing my husband I HAD to keep it and it HAD to be moved with us cause I knew what I wanted to do with, PROMISE!!! 
I finally found a vinyl lady that was super easy to work with and SO nice, Good Golly Graphics is awesome! (You can find her on facebook! I have a lot of links to her FB page.)
SO I washed, and sanded and got to work!!!

(I don't have progress pictures, sorry!)

After I got it all washed, sanded and cleaned up, I added, get this, picture frame glass to replace the 3 broken pains! I know! It is actually a perfect 10x 12 size, that they sell at Lowe's for like $2 each!  No cutting required! (They do cut for like 10 cents a cut and have bigger pieces.) Awesome! 

 Then I decided on Vinyl, I wanted the middle top to say something like Family is Forever, but due to the way I wanted it, it wouldn't fit, so my awesome vinyl lady helped me come up with this! 
Which I must say I love! 

Then I used clear scrapbook corner mounts to hold the pictures, so that way I can change them out as I wish, and lets face it, I am ALWAYS taking new pictures of my kids! Bonus, or downfall, not sure which, to being a photographer!  In fact I just took some new ones of Lizzie, (see past post, and need to take new ones of my older kids! Back to school and all!)

Then I put nail brackets on the back, nails in the wall, and ta da! I LOVE it! I think I will add a ribbon to the top, that looks like it is holding it up, but I can't tell you how much I love this!!!
It makes me smile every time I come down stairs or enter my house! Love it! 
One day soon, it will have a family picture in the bottom middle, but for know one of all my kids is great! (I kinda need my guy home to do a family one!)

Total spent: $15
(Window free, glass $6, nail mounts $2, had corner mounts for pictures, $7 for prints from my prof. printing house, cute kids, mine!)

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