It's a farm life!

We have been lucky to get to spend some time at my families! 
They have horses, chicken for eggs, turkey's, chickens for meat, and pigs! 
Not to mention a few dogs and cats! 
SOOOO my girls are in animal heaven! 

 Grace is has got to ride almost every time we come home, and is learning fast! 

 She is a natural! 

 Bekah is starting to learn all the basic's! And enjoying every moment! 
 Lizzie's first time!!! She loved it! (She just sat on the horse, didn't actually move anywhere!)
 Helping collect those eggs! 
 On the way to take pictures for daddy! 
 Turkey's and chickens for meat!
And the pigs! 
Appaertnly the pink ones this year are not as nice as the black ones from last year, but they taste the same ;)

I am so glad my kids get to have these experiences like I did when I was little! I have been really missing all this! Even the yucky smells! 

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