Summer fun!

Here are some pictures of the start of our summer fun! 
We went to a local Splash park! 
The water was super cold, so we didn't last long, but it was fun!

 Look at this big girl! Sittin' up all by her self!!!
 I tried a new nail thing- Jamberry Nail Shields.
I really liked them and think I may sign up to sell them! 
They last 6 weeks on your toes and 2 weeks on your fingers!
They also have a bout 100 different styles to choose from!
 I only did one finger on my hands to test it out. 
They have lasted the 2 weeks, 
other than my nails grow fast and have grown out to much! But they have looked good!
Can't wait to order other ones to put on! 
 My happy Lizzie Zoe!
Just love her to pieces! Look at this cute face!
She looks so much like her daddy! 

(((Still working on catching up! I am about 2 weeks behind! Slowly I will get there!)))

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