Projects and Cute kids!

Once again, LOTS of pictures! 
(((ALSO this is my SECOND post today, so keep going down to see more of what we have been up to!)))

I got this entertainment center from a friend who got a new huge one. It is perfect under our TV, even tho we aren't using it to hold the TV! I added a few pictures and decoration on it, I will post it later! It is also great to hold diapers and toys and such so they aren't in baskets all over my living room! 
 I have been making more signs on the insulation! I thought the paint may stick better if I sealed it with some pod podge before I stuck the vinyl on (Thus the picture on the left, see the shine???, well it didn't seem to matter! The transfer paper still pulled some off, in fact it was WORSE! It pulled large sections off instead of little pieces! So I would NOT recommend using it!!!) Picture on the right is showing how easy it is to hang these bad boys! I poked a whole with a pencil, nailed a tiny nail in the wall and vola!

The sign for my bathroom!!! LOVE it!!! 
Custom vinyl from my friend at Good Golly Graphics

Lizzie Zoe enjoys playing some Xbox with her big brother! And look at that cutie bug! 

Some cute little things we made to send to daddy! 

The first is from Lizzie Zoe! Love her little hand print!!! And a cards we made from the other kids! (((Ideas from Pinterest!!! You can find them on my Father's Day board or on my Done it board!))) 

A goody we made for out 'explosively' great dad! And the pillow I made for my husband! Hope he enjoys seeing there smiling faces every night and every morning! One of the things he is missing the most are his sweet kids! And they are missing him big time too! That's the draw back to having a great dad, you really miss them when they are gone! 

 I know, I am not a cute kid! But I did chop my hair off! See... And the second is my sweet baby girl! She IS a cute kid!!! I love her blue eyes! I think she is looking more and more like her dad every day!!!
 Here is a blanket I made for my Bekah! She picked out the material by herself! It is fleece and I found a new way to do the edges on Pinterest! On my Sewing and more  or Done it! boards! OR here is the link! 
Another sign! Now, I found the idea to put these words on Pinterest, or rather my awesome sister in law did! BUT there is a story as to why these words! (No, I didn't know it came from a song! I have learned that since tho!) My husbands Grandma is always saying this to all the grandkids and great grandkids. To my husband and me, it is her saying! I think we all have memories of her saying to us at one time or another. So I HAD to have one!!! This one is actually for my SIL and is smaller than the one I am making for me, but I had to share! I LOVE it! I know it will bring a smile to my husbands face every time he sees it too! (We have been found saying it to our kids at random times also ;) Again the original idea is on my boards, Done it! or I think my craft board. AND the vinyl is custom made for me by Good Golly Graphics!

This is on the wall by my stairs! It is a 2 story wall, and I needed a place to put all our families pictures! I found the idea on Pineterest! And got my vinyl from GGG again! I love it!!! I plan on adding a lot more pictures all around it, but this is my start! 

Another insulation sign! And Vinyl from GGG! Another special to us sign! She has this one on her pages with a couples names and year married on the bottom instead of 'I'll love you Always & Forever', but Dustin and I have always said, and say, I love you Always and Forever! SO, I had to have it! And added the last line instead of our names! (We know who we are!) 
The second picture, vinyl on the mirror, I have had the vinyl forever, I got it for 25 cents at a yard sale, and haven't used it, so I decided on my mirror was a good place! 
 Isn't that the cutest face EVER!!! 
I love this sweet girl and her fun little personality that is coming out more and more every day!!!
 I have made like 8 batches of jam! Here are just the raspberry ones!
 I also made strawberry and a combo batch! So we have lots to enjoy!!!
TOO FUNNY! As I was standing at the check out line in Joann Fabric's, I saw this chocolate bar!!!
I almost bought a whole box!!! The 'when to use instruction' on the bottom are so funny! I will have to go back and buy one and show a better picture of it! (This was with my phone,and you can't really read it! Sorry)

And that is all for today! I think 2 posts are good! I will catch you up on the rest tomorrow!!!
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(((LOTS of pictures! Sorry, but that is how I tell our story!)))

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