Circus and Museum?!?!

What do they have in common???
We have been having fun! 

We got to go to a small Circus that was in town. The girls enjoyed it most! 
 The girls are the 2nd and 3rd riders, and Uncle Mike and Mason are the last 2! 
 If there is face painting, my girls HAVE to have it! (or so they think!) 
Aren't they cute butterflies!?
 Jacob enjoying some cotton candy! 
 The group, Kayla, Jake, Bekah, Gracie, Me and Lizzie Zoe- 
taking the picture was Grandma Marie, and Mike and Mason are running around somewhere! 
 The girls each picked something to have picture with, Bekah choose the preforming dogs! 
She is so cute! 
 Gracie choose to hold the snake- mainly cause she thought daddy would think it was cool! 
She said it was heavy, but not scary! 
 Lizzie Zoe with Grandma! It was a cool breezy day out, but it was still fun!

SO, the local Museum had the King Tut exhibit. It was really cool.
(((No flash aloud, so they are a little blurry sometimes, sorry!)))
 Me and my cute kids! 
 the girl by King Tut's mummy!!! (Well a replica, but very real looking.)
 Grandma Marie and Gracie...
 Gracie... (I loved the old golden chariot, since my dad use to chariot race!!!)
 On the wooden horse in the kid zone...

I love that when we go see things like this, my kids don't just want to look and go, they want to know what EVERYTHING is! So, it always takes us a while to go through but it is so worth it. We learn so much! They are such good, smart kids! And I guess since both Dustin and I love history, they have already learned to! 

 And of course we have to see cute Lizzie Zoe! She is growing so fast! 
'I'm trying...'
 She has gotten really close to crawling! She gets up there, and then flops down, but she has gotten up there!!! Any day know she will take off! She can scoot backwards and turn around on her tummy, and she rolls everywhere too. She is also sitting SO good! (More picture of that soon!)

And I am still behind! So stay tuned! 

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