A hiking we will go...

We all love a good hike. this time we went on one that Colby, Dustin's baby brother had found. It is awesome! One we will be doing again! And hopefully on motorbikes next summer too!!!

 Cute Bekah crossing the little bridge at the bottom
 Mommy and Lizzie  enjoying the perfect day for a hike! 
 Beautiful Idaho, oh how I have missed thee
 SO cute! See her two teeth!!! She is such a doll! And LOVES being outside! 
Hiking was so fun to her! (Although I would love it even more if I was carried the whole way too ;)
 Say cheese everyone! 
Through the trees....
And along the side of an open hill... 
 Uncle Colby took over the last quarter of the the hike, Mommy, (me), was worn out! 
 Jake carrying an extra pack so Colby could carry the baby.
 We wore her out!
 (Imagine how the rest of us, who actually walked and are out of shape felt!)
 Time for a family BBQ on the river! 
 Look at that CUTE face!!! She cracks me up! I just love her to pieces!!! 
What a beautiful night! Love this place! Nothing like Idaho beauty! 

I am still behind, but slowly catching up. 

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