Enjoying my sweet kids!

I love my kids! They are my greatest blessings!
 Sorry this one is off centered! I have to hold the camera off to the side so I can get her to look at me or I can't get a picture of her smiling! BUT isn't that the cutest smile ever!
 The girls and I made wreaths for their bedroom doors, This one is Grace's. We are still working on Bekah & Lizzie's. I enjoy crafts with my kids!
 Isn't that the most beautiful 5 year old ever!? Oh I love my Bekah and her fun personality!
And my wonderful Gracie! She is so great! I love her!

And my wonderful Jacob! He is such a good boy and great big brother! He makes me laugh when I really need it! He is the best son ever!

I love my kids! They are the best!

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