Lizzie Time

Lizzie is so much fun to watch grow and learn! I have always enjoyed my kids at all ages, so far ;)
It seems like forever ago that any of the others were doing this stuff though. 

 Lizzie has started to grab and play with her toys! Really she just tries to eat them! 
 She was determined to pull that toy to her mouth!!!
 And she is 4 months old and gets to start trying baby cereal! Not to sure yet.
But she did well at swallowing and keeping it in her mouth, most the time! 
 Grabby hands holding her spoon while trying to eat her bib!
She is so stinkin' cute!!!

Today she even rolled from her back to her front, while I was changing her bum! So she was naked! It was funny! I rolled her back and put her diaper on, but is was so fun to see her surprise when she ended up on her tummy! She is not yet a fan of tummy time!

Yesterday I made some green chocolate chip cookies for the kids! 
Started the St. Patrick's Day fun! They loved them! 

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Kayla said...

Lizzie is so cute, and those cookies look yummy!