Day 1 is over...

We made it through day 1 with only a few tears and a little sadness. Once we get back into a routine I think we will be good. It is amazing how something doesn't seem like a big deal, until you are in it and realize it may be harder than you thought. I think that is the Lords way of pushing us to do that which makes us stronger better people. It really hit me hard after I had everyone to bed the night Dustin left. I woke with very puffy eyes and a lingering sadness. But as I pushed through the day, worked on a project- Graces quilt, and went to the store, and did my mom taxi job. And last night I taught the girls how to make one of their favorite dinners- Stuffed pasta shells. All and all it was a great day. I am so thankful I have such wonderful kids. That I really love to be with. I know I am the mom, and a lot older, but I just love hanging out with them. They make me so happy. I should have taken pictures of them making dinner, but I didn't think about it at the time! Sorry. 
I do have pictures of Grace's quilt!
 She's a bit on the wild side! 
It is all tied now, I just need to bind the edges and it is good to go!
More pictures of her whole room to come.

 Elizabeth helping me quilt!

 Then she fell asleep on my lap- please ignore the PJ pants!
And she's out! She is such a doll!

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