Cuteness and paint!

Uh, so I guess right now everything is cute to me cause I just used the title Cuteness recently. 
Oh well, when you have cute kids that happens! 

 I love those little toes! Even in paint! 
 The end result! TOO CUTE! These will go on the girls, Bekah & Lizzie's, wall! Picture to come soon! 
 Hand print flowers! 
 Foot print butterflies! Lizzie Zoe's are still so tiny!
 Bekah's foot print butterfly! 
I got the idea for these on Pinterest! You can see more of them on my Done It board! 
See what I mean! CUTENESS!!!
 Look at those blue blue eyes! Love them! 
Never thought I would get anything but brown eyes! But I am glad she got daddy's eyes! 
She is so stinking cute!
My Beautiful Bekah! She is so fun and sweet! 

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Kayla said...

Those butterflies turned out so cute! What a good idea :)