March Photo Challenge Day 17 AND Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Of course the challenge for today is GREEN!
And since it is St. Patrick's Day, everything is green!!!

Funny Story, or sad! I had everything set up nice, had their gifts on their plates, our green breakfast done and it looked awesome! They were excited to unwrap their pile of loot, and I got some great pictures of it ALL! Then after we had eaten and the kids had bathed and changed into their St. Patty's shirts, I started to take more pictures, only to discover, I had no SD card in my camera!!! So, I really didn't get ANY of those pictures! I was so bummed! So I snapped a few of the table, afterwards! We had green pancakes, green eggs, green grapes, sausage and green juice! And we had our cupcakes out to help decorate the table! (More on them below!) The last pictures above is of the 'loot' the kids got! Green candy and the girls got some green hair stuff and nail polish, along with green shirts and socks! Jake got a Xbox game. (They don't make fun green goodies for boys his age!)
 Bekah, Grace and I went and got hair cuts today. They were very much needed! Here are the before...
 And after! Grace got a lot cut to make it to her chin again. (Her hair is still so thin it really looks better short.) Bekah got a few inches off. (She keeps saying she wants it short like Grace, but I love her long hair!!!
 My cute girls in their St. Patty's shirts! 
 I hung crate paper from their doors after they were all in bed last night! I was going to put some green clear wrap I have to kind of block the doorways, but I was to tired! We made some green ice cubs from Kool Aide to have in our drinks at lunch today. We also had green pears with lunch! 
 My shirt! The back, (Lizzie is trying to eat me!), and the front! I thought it was fun!
 Cupcakes! I made the inside rainbow, left, and on the right is a new way I learned, or found on Pinterest, to frost cupcakes or cakes without the mess from the frosting! You mix your color and then put it in the middle of clear plastic wrap, fold it in, and spin it to make a little pouch like above! 

 then you slide the whole pouch into your frosting bag, pull the end of the wrap through, cut it off and put your tip on and go! Then to clean you just pull the pouch out by the other end and it is so easy and mess free!!! I can do more, or better pictures of the whole process upon request! I thought I had it on one of my pinterest boards, but now I can't find it! 
 My 'Pot of gold under the rainbow' cupcakes! They turned out super cute!!!
(Another idea from Pinterest! On my St. Patrick's Board!)
The rainbow is Air Head Extremes candy, with rollo gold!)

 The inside of the cupcakes!!! Rainbow! SO FUN!!! My kids loved discovering these!!!
Loot piles! See previous post for more pictures and details!
AND guess who is 4 months old today!!!
Elizabeth Zoe is growing so fast! I can't believe we have had her for 4 months already!!!
She is a sweet sweet, fun baby! We are all so glad we have her!

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