March Photo Challenge Days 10 & 11

Day 10- Something that sparkles
I had a hard time deciding what to take a picture of. 
I wanted to find something different, but couldn't think of anything, it may be because I haven't gotten much sleep lately with a little Lizzie Zoe not feeling so hot and not sleeping good. 
So here you go...

 My wedding ring! I have been married to my best friend and other half for almost 15 years. 
(And yes, my ring needs to be cleaned! Sorry!) 
I tried getting a cute picture of it on Lizzie's toe, but she wouldn't hold still! She is a wiggle worm! 
Then I thought of this...
The way the sun sparkled off the snow crystals is beautiful! 
I am not sure if Dustin or my brother in law Colby took this one, but they got a few when they were off fishing over Christmas break in Idaho. 

Day 11- Clock
Here is my favorite clock...
(Really the only one I have on my walls right now, I need to make one for upstairs, but that is for another post!)

Dustin's Grandma Rolfe, or Grandma the Great as we call her, got this for us one Christmas.
 It plays beautiful music, but Dustin doesn't like to hear it every hour, so it is off most the time. We still enjoy the clock! 

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