What's in a name?! And the busy life that is us...

For once, I don't have any pictures to show! We haven't really done anything this week. Just relaxed at home.

Well, that and it is FOOTBALL/CHEER season again! Which means, for those who don't remember or haven't yet gone through this, that Jacob has football practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & most Friday evenings for 2 hours with games on Saturdays. (Football is not taken lightly here, it is very serious business!) And Grace has Cheer leading practice every Tuesday & Thursday evenings for 1 1/2 hours with games on Saturday. (She gets to cheer for Jake's football team.) And we can't forget that we still have Cub Scouts every Wednesday, which Dustin & I are in charge of. SO this means that we are very busy! And life normally stays this way till November, around Thanksgiving. For us however, it will only be this busy till we move mid- Sept. Good thing the kids REALLY like these sports! (I will try to get pictures tonight at practice to load tomorrow.)

Jake and Football: Jake has played the past two years and done really well. (So well in fact that when we where registering him this year we over heard a new coach asking his past 2 coaches, who were both right there, about him. Both of whom said he was really good and always put forth tons of effort and on and on...) So this year as it was getting time to sign up, Jake was a little hesitant about it, it is very demanding. However both Dustin & I felt that if he didn't play he would regret it next year when he wanted to play in CO. But we left it up to him. In the end he decided he wanted to play. (It didn't hurt any to overhear the coaches bragging about him before anything really got started either!)
The first week they have a mini-camp where they just to warm up drills and play light plays to see how the boys can do, all the coaches watch and access and decide who they want. Well Jake had 2 coaches who REALLY wanted him this year. With several of the ass. coaches trying to get him as well. On Monday of this week they were broken into teams and started practicing with there team. As we were leaving one of his new ass. coaches came up to him and said how good he was looking and they were sure glad they got him and he was going to be a great team leader! Made Dustin and I very proud. And it doesn't hurt his wanting to play or not. Even though we will only be here for part of the season, I think it will be a good one for him!

Grace & Cheer: Grace has cheered the past two years as well. And LOVED it! She is really good and enjoys every moment of it. So she was very excited about it starting again. (We were hoping Bekah could cheer too, but because of her age, they said she would have to be on a different team, cheering for a different football team, and we decided she could just cheer on the side for Jake's team and learn this year.) As we were registering her she said she wanted her coach from last year again, Coach Morgan, well, we didn't know if she would be coaching again. (She is only a high school student, but a very responsible, good girl, whom we really liked!) Well at her first practice we were getting out of the car and there walks Coach Morgan. Grace gives her a hug and says she hopes she gets her. As we are waiting to find out I needed to talk to the lady over the program, and since she knows me from the past two years and I helped a lot last year, she told me that who Grace's coach is for this year, and it is Coach Morgan! Grace is VERY excited and looking forward to another fun year of Cheer!

Bekah: She enjoys watching everyone and playing with friends at practices and games. She is such a good easy going girl! She also loves watching and trying the cheers the girls are doing! She is so much fun! 

So, as we haven't done much the past week, we have been busy and will be for the next month until we move. This Saturday, our last before games start, one of the 'Fab Four', one of my best friends, is giving me a small baby shower. So that will be very fun! (Here in the south they do a baby shower for every baby. It is a fun way to welcome and support the baby and family! Not really about gifts.) And then i get to go do the 'catering' for a dear friends son's wedding. ('Catering'= I really only decide how to have everything set up and keep it all going smooth during the reception, so she doesn't have to. I did it for her older son's reception and it was fun.) Pictures coming soon!

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