Dates, Days, and so much more!!!

Moving Day is fast approaching! We had a guy from the moving company come do a walk through to see how much we had, how many boxes they needed to bring and all that jazz. We now have dates when they will be coming to pack our stuff!!! 

In 13 days they start packing! 
 In 17 days they load it all up!
In 22 days we leave! 
In 20 days we will be looking at houses in person!
In 26 days we will be visiting Idaho!
In 35 days we will hopefully be moving into a new place!
In 37 days the kids will have another first day of school!
And in, hopefully a little less than, 89 days we will have a new baby girl! 

The next month is going to be crazy busy and exciting and fun, hopefully fun anyway! 
So in the next 17 days I will be super busy! I have forgotten how much pre-moving stuff I need to do before  they come pack us up! And then the cleaning! I am so glad we aren't doing it ALL this time! I think I would lose my mind! Dustin says I am more of a worrier now than I use to be, I think, and am hoping anyway, that it is just my pregnancy hormones that keep sending me into a panic every few days when I think about all there is to do! Once I look at my plan, where it is all broken down, it isn't so bad. Just lots to do!!!
We can't wait for our mini vacation in Idaho! To get to see everyone and spend time with everyone! It will be SO nice!!! 

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