After a friend posted some of her goals, in all areas- personal, family, finances, ect... on her face book I decided I wanted to do something similar, were others could see and hopefully it would make me follow through a little better. So I have a section on the right hand side titled Current Goals. Here are the ones I am working on right now:

(Could be doing WAY better!) Most of these are things I got out of the habit of doing when I was so sick, I need to get back in the habit of it!
~ Read scriptures
~morning prayer
~Straighten main house areas - getting done
~Make bed- half & half (meaning half the time)

~Read one Ensign talk
~Clean out/Straighten one area of the house (Deep clean)
~Write & Mail one note or letter to someone- DONE
~FB message one person a positive note
~Post on blog- Done

~ Clean out my room & closet (Deep clean)
~ make 2 Goodwill runs- Made 1!
~Do my visit teaching
~Explore 2 new places in FL before we leave (I know the ones, just got to go! I have been waiting for a time with Dustin, might have to just go with the kids.)
~Do at least one act of service
~Stick to Budget!- (I have a STRICT budget set up to help save lots for the move and pay things off...) Trying!
~Pre-clean house for move (Wash walls, floor boards, clean couches/chair, deep clean table & chairs in all groves, ...)
~cook out of pantry- Doing
So, that along with the happenings of life, (getting ready for school which starts next Monday, Football, Cheer, Cub scouts...) is what we are up to!

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