Its that time again! FOOTBALL!!! (& diaper guitars!)

Jacob had his pre-season scrimmage today! He was looking good! I think it will be a great season, we are sad to be moving half way into it! 

 Gracie watching the game!
(She doesn't start cheering till next weekend at the regular season games.)
 Jake playing defense
 Going for a block. He is #36
 Bekah watching the game
 Jacob playing offense. He is the fullback. Here he is doing a fake-out.
 Bekah taking a picture of Daddy & Grace, being silly.
 Grace taking a picture of Daddy & Bekah
Jacob after the game! He is a Niceville Eagle! GO EAGLES!!!
(He is soaking wet and tired!)

He did great! Can't wait to see him play again next week!

OKAY! Diaper Guitar??? Yes you read right! I thought I would try something new, instead of the normal diaper cake I make for baby shower gifts. And since my friend plays the guitar and loves music, I thought I would try a diaper guitar! Here it is!
 K- so I started by cutting out a cardboard piece the size and shape I wanted, then I put down a hooded bath towel I made and wrapped it around the cardboard. Then took receiving blankets to make my sides. Then I added individually rolled diapers to fill in.
 I then tied around the outside with yarn to help hold its shape. Added some clothes and bibs to the middle to make the inside, or hole, of the guitar. Added the 'arm' which is cardboard with a blanket wrapped around it and socks on the end for shape and look.
Finished by adding ribbon around the sided for look and durability. And tied two 'guitar pick' binkies to it.

Not just like I wanted, but not bad. I will change a few things next time I do one, but it was fun to make and funner to give than just a pack of diapers and some clothes! It includes: 1 hooded towel, 5 onesies, 2 pants, 3 bibs, 2 pairs of socks, 4 receiving blankets, 2 binkies, one bag size 2 diapers and half a bag size 1 diapers.
What do you think?

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Bronson Clan said...

That guitar diaper cake is too cute! And the kids are looking great. Fun football!