Thoughts and feelings...

Last night as I was laying in bed thinking how we only have about 31 days left here in Florida these thoughts and feelings came to me...

We love to travel! To visit and live in amazing places, meet amazing people and have all new experiences. We love to go to new places and find all the fun, adventurous things there are to do there. To explore and find favorite little hidden treasures. We love to meet new people, make new friends, some of whom we know Heavenly Father guided into our lives for a reason, friends we will forever be close to. We love to learn the history of places and the past and present cultures of the area. Try new traditions. The Army lets us do this and so much more. 

EVERY place we have been has been perfect for our family. We have always meet amazing people and loved each location. And we have been very lucky in our assignments! I mean, who would have thought that two Idaho kids, who rarely traveled out of state would be seeing the world. I was a cowgirl who only wanted to stay in the country, the mountains. I never even thought of leaving Idaho. Two Idahoans who now have two Hawaiians, one Alaskan and soon one Coloradoan for children!

This past assignment has been wonderful for our family. We have been spoiled and got to have Dustin home EVERY night and EVERY weekend for the past 2 years! (I like to think we earned it after a 6 month and a 15 month deployment, not to mention the 12 years of normal travelings of an EOD tech.) I don't know what I am going to do without him always home! He helps with everything around the house. He is an amazing husband and father! I am so thankful for all the time we have had together these past years, even if we didn't always get along! ~ This may sound weird to a lot of you. Let me explain a normal month for an EOD tech: out of 4 weeks he is home about 2 weeks, not all at once, spread between trips. Out of 4 weekends we get 2 whole, if we are lucky, together. He has not been able to have a church calling at church for about 7 years before we moved here, nor was I able to sign up to feed the missionaries, ever, because I could never count on him being home since he was either on call or gone. And I won't even get started on holidays! So having him home for everything these past 2 years is a major blessing. ~ NOW having said this, we really do enjoy the military life. It has been a blessing in many ways. We do love all sides of it, even if it isn't always fun. It isn't the life for everyone! BUT we are going to miss this life here in Florida. The 'normal' life! I know that I have often taken Dustin for granted these past 2 years. It is easy to forget things aren't always this way when you are living in the moment. So I will take this moment to say how much I am thankful for him and all he does for us. He is the BEST husband, takes such good care of us, even when I am a grouchy turd. He is such a great father! I love watching him with the kids. They adore him. I am so glad we had this time for them to really get to spend time with him and build those bonds. 

While we are looking forward to our next adventure, and all that it brings, we are sad to leave this 'normal' life we have had for 2 years. We are once again sad to leave our wonderful friends. But we know the Lord has so much in store for us in this coming adventure. (New places to explore, new baby, new friends, and some not so great stuff like an upcoming deployment.) ALL an adventure! 

And thus are my thoughts and feelings. Maybe if I feel a little sad now, it won't hit me so hard when we are actually leaving. Hey, I can hope!

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Andrea said...

You are so sweet! I am glad you got a bit of "normalcy" these past few years and I am glad you are much closer to family as your newest adventure begins.