First day of School!!!

To say Bekah was excited for this day to come would be a HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!!! It has been all she could talk about for a few days now. And then after dinner I was getting the lunch boxes out to make sure I had everything ready, and she keep asking, 'So in the morning, after I go to sleep, its school for me?!' And other similar questions! She was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement!!! Then it was time to get clothes ready and find shoes ect. so we wouldn't have to this morning, more excitement! 
Then my wonderful husband gave each of the kids a Father's blessing and we had a nice talk about everything that would be happening, first day of school, move, new school and house, new baby, ect... and how it is okay for them to feel nervous, and how they can pray for the Holy Ghost to help them feel better at any time. And that they can talk to us about any of it. It was a nice night. We also told them each how proud we are of them, and pointed out some good things/traits they each have and how that will help them through all this. (I will post that with below the pictures for each one!)
SO, Bekah being so excited, couldn't go to sleep last night! I was up getting lunches ready and making them a surprise treat for lunch, cookies, and she came out at least 4 times cause she just couldn't stay in bed! I got up early to make a big breakfast for them to help them get going on the first day of school, and Bekah was up right after me! (She didn't get much sleep she was so excited!!!) Pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and of course, they hardly ate any! (I use to make breakfast every morning, and all they wanted was cereal, so I stopped. Then the few times I do make it, they hardly eat any! And they wonder why I don't make it more often!!!)
I couldn't do anything fast enough for Bekah! Lunch made, hair done, nothing! She wanted to leave!!! After we got all ready, read scriptures and did prayer, we still had time to kill! 
 My cute kids!!!
 My 5th grader! A natural born leader, a good example to everyone, a hard worker and a big helper! He is a fantastic football player. Does well in school, and is always so fun.
 My 3rd grader! Grace is a smart, sweet, kind girl. Talented in many different areas. She excels in school, she is in the Gifted Program! She is athletic, and so fun!
 And our sweet Pre-Schooler, Bekah! She is so fun! She is smart and likes to try everything! She is so much fun to do things with and watch as she has new experiences and learns new things!

We are SO proud of our great kids!!!

The big kids got on the bus just fine, and then poor Bekah had to WAIT till we could leave! I thought she would just die of anticipation!
(Not the best picture, I took it with my phone, trying to be sneaky!) 
Bekah waiting to LEAVE! I turned on the TV to a cartoon while I got ready to go, hoping it would calm her down a little! She sat, ready to go, while watching! 

We FINALLY got to go to her Pre-school! She couldn't wait! I was turning off the lights in the kitchen and she was waiting by the door, giving me the 'COME ON!' look! It was funny!
Bekah at school! Look at that grin! Makes my heart sing! 
And now that the moment is past, I miss her! (A whole 45 minutes later!)

I don't know what I am going to do with my self! I have almost a month of quite time until we move. Then I will have a month and half of quite time until this baby comes! I think I will be doing some cleaning and packing to get ready for the move! (I just can't do any down on the floor scrubbing, since I can't get 'down', or back up!) 

What are you doing with your 'free time'?

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