Last floating trip! (And cake!)

Here is a first attempt at a Micky Mouse 'head/hat' cake I want to do for my nephew's 1st birthday. I thought that instead of using the HUGE amount of black food coloring it would take to make it really black, I would just do chocolate. Not so sure it will work, what do you think? Also, I tried a pan I have thinking it may be round enough, it isn't. But I do have a half ball one I will use next time, so his head will be really round like it is suppose to look, it is just a little bigger. I used chocolate cookies for the ears thinking it would taste better and be funner than just flat, hard, gum paste or fondant, what do you think? I know, they need to be rounder, and maybe covered in frosting to match the cake. But like I said, this is a first try! My family is enjoying my test cakes! 
 The idea is to have one of these cakes for his personal 'smash' cake, which I will be taking picture of! And to put one on top of the sheet cake for everyone else, to decorate it. I will also write Happy & Birthday on each ear, and his name across the head in red. What do you think?!

 I didn't remember to take a picture ON my 6 month day, so this is plus 2 days, I know 2 days doesn't make a difference, but there you go! Jake told me today as we were lounging on the shore that it looked like I had a basketball under my swimsuit!
 Here are the kids enjoying the cool river on our HOT, 125 heat index, day! This was our last trip to float the river since we are moving and selling the kayaks :( Between work and football/cheering, we won't have another day to go before we move. And it was a perfect day for a last trip!
 Cooling off with dad!
 Bekah our little fish, floating!
Me in the kayak. I always say I never get one of me on the water cause I am always behind the camera, so Dustin took this for me ;) Can you see my 6 month belly? I am sure I look funny paddling the boat!

And thus is our excitement for the week. Oh, and going to the doctor for my 'major' sinus infection, or so they say! I did realize how good my kids really are as they had to wait for 1 1/2 hours at the hospital while I waited to be seen and then got my meds. They were very quite, polite, nice kids. It made me proud! And then there were all the 'looks', like 'you really have three kids with another on the way?! Are you crazy?!' It seems people here don't have many kids, and when they do, they are all running wild! Nice to know that while my kids may drive me crazy at home, they really are good when it matters. And they really aren't bad at home, just kids being kids! I really do love them and am glad I have each one of them!


Kayla said...

I think that cake looks great, and I like the chocolate idea. It will be easier for his to smash than fondant probably would be, and probably taste better too. You're so darn crafty!

Christine said...

My friend did a Mickey Mouse cake and used crushed black and vanilla Oreos for the face. I also wanted to tell you I have heard of baking the cake in a Pyrex bowl to get it nice and round if you wanted to try that idea, too. The cookies are a great idea for the ears! Good luck!

Bronson Clan said...

You look adorable. I love the pregnant look! Sounds like you guys are keeping nice and busy. Wish you were here hanging out with me. :)