Football Season!!!

Yes, it is Football Season, an official season here in the south. (They take their football seriously here in Northern Florida at least!) So we spend 5 nights a week at practice with games on Saturday. Grace has Cheer practice 2 times a week and cheers at Jake's games. Today we had clear skies, beautiful outside really, if it weren't for the 97 degrees that is! We survived though! (Jake was soaked through and so was Grace!)
 Jacob, #36, Blocking
 Shutting down the other side!
 Go Eagles!
 Our personal sidelines Cheerleader! Bekah is just to cute!
 Having fun!
  Doing stunts.

 Jake did awesome out there! The guy he was shutting down on the other team was NOT happy with him!
(In the 4th quarter he through Jake down he was so mad! No one was hurt, it was a little funny.)

So it was a fun day for Football!
Here are a few pictures I took of Grace after they did the team pictures the other day.

Gracie & her beat friend for the past 2 years, Mallory!

And I found a small ball pan I wanted to test for a better Micky Mouse head/hat type cake. 
I know, I need to smooth it out better, but this was just a test for us to enjoy. Cute huh!
And there you go!

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