A New Year!

Well this year I have decided to set a few resolutions!

1- I will ride my exercise bike 5 nights a week & go to Yoga every week.
2- I will do my dishes every night!
3- I will get rid of and keep my paper mess controlled!!!
4- I will read my scriptures every night, with the kids and by my self.
5- I will continually get rid of stuff we don't need or use.
I hope that all of you can follow your goals, and me too! Don't be afraid to ask how any of my resolutions are going at any time! (I will need the reminders!)
Hope your year is great and full of adventures! Ours will be!!!


Jamie said...

You go Girl!

Kent and Becca said...

Great Goals! I really need to sit down and makes some for myself now that the life has calmed down again.

Andrea said...

How are your goals going? :-) Just razzing you. I look forward to owning a bike as well. We used to have one but we were just borrowing it from a friend. I miss it. I used it. Lots.

The Roaming Rolfe's said...

I have been doing good so far, but it hasn't been a week yet!