It's over???

It does not seem possible that Christmas is past! Although the new year brings exciting changes! We had a wonderful Christmas, of which I will post pictures right after I clean my desk area and find my camera cord! Dustin spoiled me, like he always does. I got a super nice exercise bike!!! The following pictures I took with my cell phone, I am so excited I wanted to share!
And of course my Hershey's Kiss. For those of you that don't know I will tell the story. When I was growing up I loved chocolate, go figure! So did my dad. So every year my Dad and I would buy each other a Hershey's Kiss, and enjoy them together. The Christmas after my Dad passed away I was really missing him and our tradition, and Dustin being the sweet wonderful guy that he is, got me a Hershey's Kiss that year. And he has continued to get me one every year since. The last Christmas that he was deployed he sent a sweet letter, and had his mom get me one to go with it. This Christmas he tried to order one to be delivered to me Christmas Eve, but the only place he could find, was back ordered and cancelled his order. But not to fear, his son was looking out for him. Jacob has seen his dad give me one every year and this year while he was shopping with his Grandma Marie for a gift for me he decided that he needed to get me one and wrap it and put it under the tree from his dad! So, I got my Kiss! I am so blessed with such a wonderful husband and son, who know me like no one else.

The kids were also spoiled, like always! Jacob got new games for his PS3 and PSP, a Nerf Gun, soldiers, clothes, movies, and on and on. Grace got doll clothes, Breyer horses with a barn and coral, Hannah Montana barbie set, movies, Littlest Pet shop VIP pets, clothes, and on and on. Bekah got a doll set with a crib, stroller, swing, and doll, a barn with animals that make sounds, Minnie Mouse stuff, a piano, drums, clothes, and on and on. And all the kids got a Wii with a few games to share. Which they are loving. And I enjoy it also. Like I said spoiled!!! Pictures coming soon! (see above)

Well, as the New Year begins we are getting ready for Gracie's birthday with two parties. (One for friends, one for family; the family is to big to have all together with friends!) So that will be fun! I already have her presents from Dustin and I! So I am already ahead! February brings Jacob's eighth birthday! With two parties as well. (see above) March brings a wedding for my sister Onna, and my birthday! April Kayla, Dustin's sister will be graduating college, May Colby, Dustin's youngest brother will graduate high school! AND best of ALL, June brings DUSTIN HOME!!! And we will be moving with him. Sad, but fun at the same time! As you can see the first 6 months alone are filled with fun, and more will be following!

I hope that you all have a fun and exciting year as well! Happy New Year! Welcome 2009!
Pictures coming soon! (I hope!)

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Kent and Becca said...

K your hershey kiss story.. is OOOOOOOOOOOH so sweet. That is the point really.. being thoughtful and giving from the heart.