Happy Birthday Rebekah!!!

Wow!! My baby is 2 years old today!!! I can't believe it! She should still be a baby! She has grown fast! She is talking non stop, about half of which you can understand. She loves to sing and dance. Her favorite shows are Micky Mouse, she loves Minnie; and Dora! She is such a happy little girl! And she has her own ways, that is for sure! She can be stubborn, and super sweet all at the same time. She has started taking dance classes, in which she is the youngest, but cutest! She does really well considering she is only 2! She has picked it up fast. She is such a smart thing! Sometimes I think to smart!Our family wouldn't be the same without her! Everyone loves her to pieces!


Kent and Becca said...

Happy Birthday Bekah!

Taryn said...

She is a cutie! Happy Birthday!