Winter Wonderland!

Hurray!!! We have snow! I love it! Now I don't miss AK so much! There was no snow last night when we got home from our trip, but the ground is covered this morning! And it is still snowing! If I ever find my camera I will take pictures! This is the worst time of year to lose it! I only have a birthday, Christmas, birthday, birthday, birthday,and a wedding! I really hope I find it soon!

We just returned from a great trip to Utah! (Yes without a camera! I did take pictures with my mother in laws, so I will borrow it and post some soon!) We got to see our wonderful friends the Willis', the kids loved playing with them! And I loved visiting with Mj! We then got to meet up with Kayla and go shopping, always fun! After checking in the hotel we rode the tram down to Temple Square to see the beautiful lights and the temple! They did a great job lighting every tree this year, it was amazing! We also went into the visitors center to see the Christ statue, which the kids loved! We asked Bekah who that was, and she looked and said 'Jesus', it was so sweet. She was also fascinated with the walls & sealing, which is painted like the night sky, only more amazing than I have ever seen the real sky. We went to dinner and waked back to the hotel! It was a great night. The following morning after breakfast we went and swam in the pool. My kids are such water bugs! Then we meet up with Kayla again and did some more shopping and lunch. I love IKEA! They have such cool stuff!

We had a great time! It was fun to get away and see family and friends! I only wished I could have seen my young women from Ak who are at BYU, but ya know college kids! They are way busy! I hope I can see them next time! And of course they are always welcome here!

Oh, and thanks for the comments! It is nice to know someone reads all this!


ML said...

Hooray for your snow! It snowed in the mountains this morning out here. I've got the best of all worlds here, I get to see the snow in the mountains, but it is warm here in the desert and I don't have to worry about heavy coats and such.

I've always wanted to go to an IKEA, but I've never lived near one. Someday I'll get to the one in Dallas when I visit my parents. All I hear are wonderful things.

Danielle said...

Yeah for snow! It just completes the season. Sounds like your trip was very fun. IKEA is the best! I miss being where you can just drive to another state for a weekend getaway.