7 things most don't know about me...

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1. I have a half-brother I just met, last August.

2. My memories only go back to about age 6, before that I don't remember much of anything, only what I have seen of pictures and what I have been told.

3. I really love to dance, all different styles. Although I am not very good!

4.I am the only member of the Church in my family, I joined when I was 18.

5. I did a Mrs. pageant, just for fun when I was 4 months pregnant! It was a blast! I have pictures and metals to prove it!

6. I love white tigers! I have since I was little! I have always wanted to go to a school in Texas to learn about and be trained as a handler/trainer for them! Maybe someday!

7. I play two instruments, the tenor sax and the clarinet.

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