Snow Fun!

So it snowed all day today, and yesterday. So we had lots of new snow to play in! After we got all bundled up out we went. The kids had a blast making snow angles and a snowman. Enjoy the pictures! They had so much fun! It was snowing giant fluffy flakes while they played, it was beautiful!
Jake, Grace, & Bekah with their finished snowman!
Bekah sitting in the snow! She is so cute!
My angles, Making snow angles!

Jake working on the snowman

Gracie working on the head!


ML said...

Looks like everyone had great fun! I wish we had a snow day once in a while, but it can only last for one day, then it has to be sunny, warm New Mexico weather again. :)

Danielle said...

Yeah for snow! Looks like a very fun day. Pass some of it back to AK.