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So, I have just set the date to have my tonsils out and was talking to the kids about it. A day later, Gracie comes up to me and gives me an 'early get your tonsils out present'. She had made me a picture and gave me one of her necklaces! She is SO sweet!How I got such a sweet little girl I don't know, but I am so thankful for her! I love her to death!
I have been do overly stressed lately that I now don't want to do anything! One of my friends here has a husband who is gone during the week and she is feeling the stress, I wish there was some wise words I could give her, but I don't have any. You just do what has to be done. And watch a lot of movies! I guess I just have no doubt that I want to be with Dustin, so I just wait, he's worth it.
Speaking of Dustin, the love of my life, a friend and I were talking about how we met our husbands. We both married young, met in different, weird ways. As I was leaving I was thinking about it. I have been married almost 12 years, and I love my sweet husband more today than I did then. More than even last year, last month, last week. I can't imagine loving him more, but that's what I thought when we got married. I can't wait to have an even greater love for him, it just blows my mind! I feel like we have a love you see in fairy tales, and sometimes, I can't believe it myself!
I took my kids to have their pictures taken and it was so cute! They all smiled so good! Even little Bekah was all grins! I can't wait to get them back! Jake is growing up so fast! He is so good looking, just like his dad. I love my kids so much. What would I do without them!?!?! I will try to post pictures soon!

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Danielle said...

Good luck with getting yours and Jake's tonsils out. It is much easier when you are younger. I got mine out when I was 20 and it was not fun. The trick is lots of ice cream and popsicles!!!

Isn't the love of a good man the greatest!