Russian Orthodox Church

We went exploring to see a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church! 
(Lizzie calls it the princess church ;) 

Our walk up the hill

Peeking thru the trees

My sweet family! 

Bekah found a tree with cool roots.

View from the hill above the church

A Temple on the hill above the church

Cute girl

A cool old outdoor cathedral seating spot

An old war monument. 

Gracie being a solider like on the monument

A view from by the monument, love looking down on the vineyard and town. 

Love the beautiful doors.

This is an old cemetery near the church. 
Beautiful old headstones

On our walk back to the bus stop we noticed this cool little
building next to a park. The kids thought it looked like a fairy tale house.
One someone like snow white or little red ridinghood would have lived in.  

This is where the Christmas market was, they still had the metal flowers on.

And a giant Christmas tree 

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