Christmas trees!

We went out to find and cute down Christmas trees for Grandma Marie and Great Grandma Ashbocker. It was the first time in a LONG time that we had had a fresh tree, and we haven't gone out to find and cut one in the forest for even longer! The kids loved it, but not the hiking thru snow so much. 

Colby ready and waiting for us to pick one for him to cut! 

We found Grandma Ashbocker's tree!

My littlest snow angel!

My middle snow angel! 

My oldest snow angel, girl that is.

My cute second littlest snow angel! 

Grandma's tree cut! 

We found Grandma Marie's tree! (We had lost most the kids by this point! They were worn out and decided to wait in the truck!)

Loaded and ready to go home! 

The beautiful river! 

One of the many things we will miss while we are overseas!

Getting the tree all set up! 

Dustin Putting the star on

Lights on, garland on...

The girls putting ornaments on!

All done! 

Cute cute girls in front of the tree! 

My silly cheese ball! 

Opening presents from Grandma and Papa! 

We all had a great time doing Christmas early with the Rolfe's! 

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