Christmas Market!

We enjoyed a trip to the local Christmas Market! 
It was really fun seeing everything all set up and try some yummy treats! 

Us at Market Church Square. 
It is kind of the town center, where there are different events
markets and festivals.

A meat stand with hundreds of different sausages and meats! 
We got 2 different sausages to try and they were both yummy! 


A Crepe stand where we got crepes with bananas and Nutela! SOOO good!

More stands

Its hard to see, but there are large metal flowers there that light up at night.

Us enjoying lunch.

Bekah & Lizzie went for a ride on a cearasal. 

And they went on a little train ride. 

A Nut cracker Jake got at the Market

A Smoke spinner I got! 
You light the candles and they make the top spin, 
which spins the outer ring of the Nativity! 
It is super cute!

The girls older girls each got a nesting doll, Bekah's was a Santa one,
Graces a purple normal one. Lizzie picked out a star ornament to add to our tree. 

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