And we are off!!!

We started our journey to Germany! The first flight was only 20 minutes, then we rushed to catch the next flight and that one was 3.5 hours. Where we had a break and got to stay the night! 

Lizzie Zoe and Jake ready for take off! 
Lizzie was soooo excited to fly on the plane! 

Evie and I were seat buddies :)
Gracie and Bekah ready to go! 

Lizzie and Jake fell asleep fast! LOL
However on our next flight Lizzie didn't sleep at all! 
And she didn't want to be on the plane either! 

After a night at a hotel in Baltimore, relaxing and swimming
we were off again! But first we went to lunch for Bekah's birthday! And we even got to see friends from Hawaii we hadn't seen in about 11 years! I didn't get any pictures tho :(
My sweet birthday girl! 
We didn't get to do anything super fun this year since we were traveling.
But we sure love this smart, funny, amazing girl! And are SO proud of her! 
She will be baptized in Germany after we get settled! 

And here we are at the Baltimore airport! 
Yeah we had a little bit of luggage! 

Waiting in Line to check in!

Sleeping Evie, she had an easy wait! 

And waiting...

Thank goodness for technology! 
This is the GIANT airplane we flew on! It was massive and packed! 
But we made it to Germany!

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