More Idaho Fun!

We got to go spend a little bit of time with my family also while in Idaho. 
The kids love going swimming at the hotel! 
So we went out to dinner and spent time visiting while kids swam. 

My beautiful niece

 Dustin has been wanting one of these for a while for riding his bikes, and we found one for a great price at a truck stop! LOL

 My brother, sister, and mom and dad. :)

We also went to Cabela's, the girls liked seeing the fish and stuffed animals.
We had a great time seeing everyone, just wish it could have been longer! 

I forgot to post pictures of one of the turkey's we made for Thanksgiving at the Rolfe's! 
Yes, it is a bacon wrapped turkey! It was good. The bacon after it was cooked had no flavor! It was weird! 

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