Valentine's Day!

Well, February seemed to fly by!
It has been a fun snowy month! We have loved spending time out in the snow! 
Valentine's Day was a fun one! 
As most of you know I like to do lots for my kiddos and hubby
for the holidays, even, or more so, for the little ones! 
So this year since we didn't have our stuff, Lizzie and I made
animals our of hearts (paper) and hearts to decorate the house! And she made a 
chain garland also. 
I also made the kids and hubby heart envelopes to use as there 'mail boxes'
for this year. And I put little treats and goodies in them each day leading up until valentines day! 
Always fun for all!
Our cute little snowgirl! 

 Someone loves playing in the snow.

 Bekah enjoying the day to
 That daddy! And she loves it just as her big brother and sisters did.
 Such a good big brother

 And of course the boys had to have a snow fight! lol

 Jake is learning, but still thinks he can take his dad!
 What a cutie

 Yeah some crazy people....

 Loved the snow on the trees!


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