Happy Halloween!

Since we are all tired of looking at my pregnancy fatness, it is time to see some cute bugs and a BA or two (Bad Apple! Shame on you thinking I would swear!)
 Dustin thought it would be fun to dress up like Jake for pictures! He did not wear his costume to the party tho, since I wasn't dressed up. But don't they look good!
 Jake, in his 'if I tell you I would have to shoot you' costume. (He refused to smile, he had to stay in character as a true BA, Bad apple that is!) He came up with his costume on his own, with things he can use again, or we already had. (Dustin's vest, my blue tooth, Dustin's air soft gun- without the ammo or 'air', and some new clothes) He did pretty good.
 Gracie, our cute honey bee
 Bekah our adorable lady bug!

 We hope you have a buggy and 'safe' Halloween!
Of course, we had to do nails to match their costumes! 

Our Ward, church, had a Halloween party so we got the kids all dressed up and since I had spent so long on hair and nails and face paint, and since I am a photographer/photo junkie, I HAD to do a mini shoot of them!
On the way to the party I came up with a costume idea for me, but it was to late for the night. I decided I needed a orange shirt with a pumpkin face on the tummy area, it would look like I was carrying a pumpkin! Yesterday while I was getting a few needed baby items I found a shirt with a pumpkin face, it is not on the tummy, but I think it will be cute! 

Hope you all have a great Halloween!

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Kayla said...

I LOVE the nails. So cute!