Fun in the SNOW! And more!

Yes, you read right! We had a few COLD days and it snowed! It melted at our house right away, but up in the mountains...

 Me- 34 weeks! I know, I am huge!

It was a beautiful day out and the kids had a blast having a snow ball fight with dad and making a snowman!
Jake even showed Bekah how to make a snow angle, tho she didn't want to make one herself, something about snow going up her shirt and down her pants! 
It was a great day playing in the snow!

From the back of our house we have a beautiful view of Pike's Peak! Here are some of our favorite scenes! 

 And here is our house! (Not a great picture, taken with my phone.)
 We FINALLY got all our stuff delivered! This is my living room! Yeah, now to unpack! (Again taken with my phone, sorry)
And here is my kitchen, partly unpacked, its a MESS! Since then I have put most of that away and my kitchen is usable and unpacked! The only part left is the items I am unsure where to put! (Again, taken with my phone! I promise to take some good ones once I am unpacked!)

So, as you can imagine, we have been spending our days unpacking! We are making progress. I wish it were going faster, in past moves I was able to do a lot more a lot faster, but being 35weeks pregnant has kinda stalled things! I can only do a little before I need to rest my body! Remind me not to move past the 4th month of pregnancy again! A lot harder than I thought it would be! 
So aside from a few problems- taking 2 extra weeks to get our stuff delivered; them losing ALL our furniture hardware (yeah for beds, tv stand, dresser mirror ect...), scratching many of our items, and losing a few things like the legs to my end table, and breaking a few key items needed for our sofa and master bed; it has been an okay move. Yeah, not the best we have had!!! But we are making it work! They will be fixing or paying us for most of that stuff, at least we hope, otherwise we may use our house insurance to pay for it. 
We have all the major stuff put together and fixed, and are slowly getting everything how we want. 

Today was Parent teacher conferences for the kids. Jacob's teacher said he is adjusting surprisingly well. Doing great in everything. He has jumped in and done super on figuring out where they are and how to do things there way. He is smart, friendly and a great example to others.
Gracie is doing amazing. She is far above in all areas and figuring out how they do things. She stays on task, helps others and is a great example to her class mates. She is also very kind to everyone. 
We have amazing kids and are very proud of them. 
Today was also Bekah's first day of preschool here. She had a great time and thinks she will really like it. She was so excited to go, it was fun to watch! 

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Lisa Ball said...

I hope you have fun in your new home! Take it easy and slow.