Garden of the Gods

We decided to take a break from unpacking and go exploring the Garden of the Gods Park. It was beautiful! We only did one of the super easy walks, not even a trail, it had paved sidewalk and benches the whole mile plus. But Dustin thought it might be one I could do. And I made it! It ended up being a mile and half, which isn't far, but when you are 8 months pregnant, feels a whole lot farther! At least for me being as out of shape as I am. I was tired after wards but it was worth it.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures!
I will make a slide show of all of them so be watching the right side for it!
 A great shot of Jake
 Our cute girls!
 I have to say, I have three good looking kids!
 This rock formation was named 'The three Graces', so here we have The Four Graces.

 The girls and I. I love this picture!
 One good looking guy!
Grace took this for us. I wanted a maternity shot with Dustin. (Dustin was doing a 'mini maternity shoot' for me since I can't take my own, and my partner is to far away. And I am to cheap and picky to go have someone else do them. The pains of being a photographer!)

There were so many other trails and cool places to stop and explore! I can't wait to go back not pregnant, when I have the energy to have fun! It is a really cool place! So, if you come to visit it is a place we will have to take you! 

Like I said we did a maternity shoot for me, so those pictures will be coming. PLUS, that same night was our Ward Halloween party so since I had everyone all dressed up I did a little Halloween shoot of the kids! So lots of pictures are coming!!! Check back often!

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