Pool time!

I tried posting this yesterday, but blogger was down when I tried :( Oh well. Here it is! 
We are tring to do something fun each day while my niece is here, and since it will be our last summer here, but this last week was stormy so we didn't do to much sadly. But lots planned for this week! So stay tuned!

 Daddy and Bekah

Bekah has turned into a little fish! She would not hold still long enough for me to get a good picture! Since her swim lessons she LOVES swimming! She isn't afraid and she does really good. All she wanted to do was swim back and forth between me, daddy or the wall! Before she wouldn't even want in where it was over her head, now, she doesn't care as long as she can swim in it! She is so fun to watch! 

Here is Bekah swimming!
She did this non stop for over an hour! She also did some where she would take a breath every little while like she was taught at lessons, but that is harder for her, she just wants to go!

On another, non swimming note, as this is kind of a family journal, I feel like posting about the baby! This little girl has got day and night mixed up! During the day when I am sitting and relaxing waiting to feel her move, nothing! But about the time I am ready for bed, she won't hold still! It sometimes worries me how little I feel her move. But when we had the ultra sound she wouldn't hold still, and I couldn't feel most of that. I guess she is just still to little! When I first found out I was pregnant, I had a dream of a little girl with dark hair. I didn't tell Dustin till recently because I didn't want to 'jinx' anything! He thought for sure it was a boy. But we are excited about this little girl, we just have to agree on a name!!! We are less than half way there!!! And can't wait!

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