Floating the River!

We went up and floated our awesome river Thursday. It is suppose to storm all day today, Saturday, so we went during the week, and as we were driving out there, and I mean like right after we started, it started raining! After our last trip down the river, see past post, which you may remember was not the greatest, this did not sit well with us! But we kept driving hoping it would stop, and it did. Then after we unloaded everything and were just getting ready to set out, it started raining again! We stopped, said a prayer, and decided to just go. By the time we were all in the water it stopped and turned out to be a great day!!! 
Since there were 5 kids and us, we brought some small floating tubes. (We had our 3 kids, my niece Sara, and Graces friend Mallory.) When we first set out we were a little nervous about one of the kids getting pulled under a tree or something, but everything turned out great. 

 For most of the trip the kids all wanted to be in the water, even if just in a life vest to float.
 Mallory and Bekah
Jacob in the lazy chair float I found
The 5 kids, Bekah, Mallory, Grace, Sara, & Jake
As always we stopped a few times to just relax and play.
Here is me relaxing in the lazy chair. It was really nice to lean back in the water like that. 
My big belly, aka baby girl, needed room to spread, since most the time I was paddling and she couldn't.

It is hard to tell from the pictures but due to all the rain we have been getting the water level was up by more than 2 feet! It made it easier to navigate down trees, they were all under water, but most of the beaches were underwater as well.

One of the places we stopped to play had this down tree hanging over a deep section of the river, perfect for jumping into!
 Sara jumping
 Mallory jumping
 Here is Mallory, Grace, Dustin & Jake getting ready to jump
 Grace jumping
 Jake jumping. Jake was the first to jump, having no fear.
Mallory soon followed, both of them jumped several times. 
Sara & Grace each jumped once but did not want to do it again.

 Our little water bug Bekah loved floating in the river. Here she is floating on her back.
Since her swim lessons, at which she screamed her head off, she LOVES any water! It is crazy!

We had a great day! Days like this make the upcoming move a little sad.

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