Fun Times!

So we have been having a great time the last few weeks! Here are a few pictures of our fun!

 Bekah and I played Black Light Mini Golf

 While Dustin, Jake Grace & Sara played Black light Laser Tag!
 We spent about 6 hours at our local water park! We were all a little red and very tired afterwards!
Above is Jake coming down a water slide
 Bekah has no more fear of water and LOVED the big water slides!
 Mallory (Grace's best friend), Grace & Sara in the lazy river
We went shopping at the Outlet mall and I found this cute set for the baby, sorry it loaded upside down for some reason, but it is a sleeper, a onesie, pants with attached monkey feet, and a monkey hat! This and a few tops are all this little one has so far! And a few other non clothes items, sadly we moved twice since Bekah and weren't sure about any more babies so we got rid of almost everything. But it is kinda fun looking at all the new things we can get for her! (And my fab sis-in-law and family, and a friend are both giving me a shower. Apparently now days you have showers even if it isn't your first, just to celebrate!) So this little one will be spoiled, like her older siblings!

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