4th of July Fun!!!

We had a fun time this 4th of July! 
I love spending time with my family! They truly bring me so much joy!

I decided to have some fun making a cake for the 4th. It was fun and tasty!

We went exploring and swimming up on the river to cool off! 

Waiting for the fireworks to start! 
 Dustin and Bekah waiting
 Still waiting...
And more waiting...

 While we were waiting for fireworks we had fun playing with my camera...
It was a beautiful night out. The fireworks were right next to a pier full of boats, where the owners were watching from. I love the way the lights reflected. 
Earlier that day we did a family photo shoot at a spot I wanted to check out, it was really cool and fun! It is an old railroad train bridge, well while we were there a train came through! It was fun for the kids to be so close to it.  My favorite pictures of the each of the kids are on the right side.
 My cute kids! They wanted to turn around and watch the train so bad!
 See how close it was! We were on the tracks and ran off when we heard the whistle blow!
 My Cute kids!!!
 Me, 5 months pregnant with our next little girl!
My good looking husband! 

My family is so patient with me and so willing to be my test subjects! I love taking their pictures!
We had a great fourth! Hope you all did too!

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