A few days of fun!

We have had a few days of fun doing a bunch of things! First was going to see Gulliver's Travels. It was a funny movie, the kids liked it alot. Then the kids played in the Splash fountain. (One of our malls, called the Commons, is an outdoor mall and has a kids area right in the middle with a water area.) 

 Left: Bekah running through the water; Right: Sara, in Black, Grace in blue, and Bekah

After they got cooled off we went home for lunch then headed to a lighthouse about an hour away.

 It is 177 steps up to the top of the Pensacola lighthouse
Left: Jake going up; Right: Taking a break going up! Sara, Bekah, Grace, & Jake

 Left: Sara & Grace going up; Right: Bekah going up

 Left: They made it! View from the top! Sara, Jake, Grace, & Bekah; Right: Sara with light house

 Left: Me (I stayed at the bottom and waited! Dustin took them up.) Right: Bekah

 Left: Sittin for a minute! Right: Grace

Few of Lighthouse on our way down to the beach.

After seeing the light house we headed down to the beach just below it to cool off.
Not a bad beach, and no one was there, except the Jelly Fish!
 Left: Swimming before we found jelly fish; Right: Jake's stung back! It really hurts!

 These are the two different kinds of Jelly fish we found. 
And there were a LOT of them!!! We found over 20 easy. 
Bekah was the first to get stung, on her leg. A few minutes later Jake got attacked on his back. 
So we mostly splashed on the beach and played in the sand.
Still fun though. However it would have been nicer to play in the water! 
In the 2 years we have been here, we have never seen so many! We hardly ever saw any in the water.

The day before we did all this fun stuff, we went to the local Air Force Museum and looked around.
 The kids by one of the planes outside; Sara in a cockpit trainer thing (It is just the cockpit of the plane, they use ones like it for training, can't think what it is called.)

 Bekah at the controls; Grace & Sara by the EOD tank they have outside.

So, we have been having fun with my niece Sara here, even though I have to have a day of nothing in between the fun ones!

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