Great week!

I have been having a great week! I have packed a ton! Gotten rid of stuff, and still had time to rest and enjoy my kids! My living room is now empty! I just got rid of my sofa and love seat!!! (New ones coming, will have in use after we move!) It really feels like it is starting to happen. We are moving! To be with Dustin!!! He is coming home soon!!! It is all starting to feel real! I can not wait!
I was thinking today as I was driving to a friends parents for a baby shower, this is a great friend I have been friends with since we were 8 years old, so she knows every part of my life. Past secrets and everything up to now! Now, I have some really strong past connections to her family. Anyway as I was driving I was thinking how much we have all changed. We are all married, have moved to and from different places, have or are having kids, the list goes on. Back in the days I was not a very positive, independent person. Since however I have grown and changed a lot, in major part to two things. First, the love of my life, Dustin! He has been the best earthly thing to happen to me. He has changed my life for the better! I now have to many smile lines under my eyes from how happy he has made me over the years, no joke! Second, is that I have gained a very close relationship with my Father in Heaven. He helps me everyday, more than ever in the last 2 years with Dustin and I apart. These two things have changed me from the girl people of my past remember. Now I can pack and move my entire family to a different state with little help. I can plan and arrange everything that needs to be done for my family. I am no longer the dependent, depressed girl. I have to many blessings to count! And I can do anything!!! Anyway, all this came to me as I was driving 'back to the past', or to the baby shower, whatever. I still love those wonderful people, but I am so different! And so are they! My 'first love' has married and has kids, as have I,(to my TRUE love!). My good friend has changed into an amazing beautiful person, about to become a mother,(she will be a great mother!). I am thankful the Lord knows what he is doing! And that he helps us get to where we need to be, even if at the time, it seems off to us. He truly knows me and who and what I need. He knows that I needed Dustin to brighten my life. To understand me like no one else can. To be my best friend. To bring me the gospel. He is my hero, my love, my life, and I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for Bringing him to me! We have three amazing kids, I couldn't have hand picked better ones! They are each so smart and beautiful. So full of love and joy and life. They are just right for our family. They complete us. I am not sorry things have changed from 20 years ago. I couldn't have imagined a better life!
I can not wait to move and be with Dustin again. I will miss all my wonderful friends, as I always do! But I am so ready for this move and change in our lives.
Anyway, I have had a good week! The sun has even been out a few days!!! I hope you all have also had a good week!


Dart said...

So where are you moving to?? Is Dustin done with the military?

The Roaming Rolfe's said...

No he is not done, just coming home from Iraq, so we will go to where we are stationed, Fort Lewis, WA outside Tacoma

Andrea said...

Yeah - Dustin is coming home. You must have clicked your little red heels together! I am glad you have Dustin too. And your kids. They are sweet kids. I am also very excited for your move to WA. Soooo close. But still too far away.

Jennifer said...

Good for you! I am so happy that you will get to be with Dustin soon! I'm sure you are past ready for that day! And your Post Easter pictures are so cute!