(Yeah, I took this picture!)

I am a Monster Truck Lover!!! We had the best time! Half the time I think I was more excited than Jake was!!! So I got us GREAT seats! Front row! So we didn't miss a thing! They were also VIP tickets so we got to go to the Pit Party before hand! So we got there at about 5:30pm and went to start the fun! We first went and got some souvenirs, T-shirts and a checkered flag for the drivers to sign, and yes we got every drivers signature! Then we went for a ride in the back of a Monster Truck! The had 2 trucks with seats along the sides in the back, that took you from one end of the arena to the other and back, doing a few cookies in between! It was so cool! Then we went and got food and headed to our seats! The place was packed, very few empty seats! And soon the real fun started! I got a ton of awesome pictures! So I have a few slide show I am going to load and below are a few of my favs!!! (I took so many pictures that I filled my card and had to hurry and go threw and delete the blurry ones so I could take more! Twice!)
Jake & I waiting for autographs!
Jake next to one of the Trucks!
The driver of BigFoot!
Me next to Miss Behavin', kinda hard to tell!
The Pit!!!
We rode in the green truck!

BigFoot after free style!


BigFoot, he won for the night

RockStar, yeah, he did a somersault!

RockStar, he was our favorite! He is a wild driver, but good!

Monstersaurex! The part truck, part man, part dinosaur! He eats cars! And breaths fire! The kids around us were all going crazy over him!

Jake & I during intermission!

Me watching the motocross!
Jake watching the motocross, see how close we were!!!
Excalibur, he was the last run of the night!
For more pictures look for the slide shows!!! I warned you I had a lot!!!


ML said...

So cool. You are a totally cool mom! Sounds like fun. I've heard those Monster shows are really loud, was it? Looks like you guys had a super time.

The Roaming Rolfe's said...

Oh yeah, they are load! We had ear plugs! We had a great time!

Danielle said...

What a fun time for you and Jake! You are such an awesome mom to take him to one. Monster Truck shows are so much fun.