Well I am to the 'cleaning and throw everything that was forgotten in the trailer' phase of the loading! Thanks to some great friends and ward help! I can not wait for this part to be over! I enjoy moving, but packing,loading and cleaning alone sucks! Thank full some wonderful people have taken pity on me! And I love them for it!

So the above is why I haven't posted anything lately! I will have some pictures hopefully soon! But other than loading, my life is boring at the moment!

OH! I did get to go to Utah for BYU graduation to see my wonderful sister in law walk! It was great and we had fun! However I forgot my camera so I have to steal some off someones camera! Pictures coming soon I hope! It was great to see my wonderful friends the Willis', and I am soooooo thankful to them for watching the kids so they didn't have to sit through 2 hours of graduation two days in a row! They played instead!! Love ya MJ!

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ML said...

You are amazing!!! Good luck with the move.